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Aus Maisadour Semences wurde MAS Seeds


Am 10. April 2018, wurde aus der Marke MAÏSADOUR Semences, MAS Seeds

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Social Wall

RT @ESA_euroseeds: #DYK? Improved crops can double European agricultural production by 2050 thus preparing crops for the needs and future c…

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RT @BrightMaize: Some of the farmers on our Precosem app are getting notifications to go!! 👍👍 🌽 🌽

Precosem here showing the soil temperat…

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RT @ESA_euroseeds: In order to ensure #foodsecurity, farmers around the globe will need to grow crops with a higher resistance to heat. #Em…

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Announcing the nomination of Jacques Groison as MAS Seeds' CEO.
Let all give him a warm welcome 👏 https://t.co/cJM4XfZl3Q

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RT @ESA_euroseeds: 🎧 Hear from our president, Régis Fournier, CEO of @MASseeds, about his passion for #plantbreeding and how the seed is th…

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